Friday, February 20, 2009


mari kengkawan...ader lagi giveaway nih...its from JAJAKRAF...cik jaja nk raikan her golden jubilee sweet...very the vouge the vass...cik ainaa mmg geram nengok the shirtshapebox the cutest thing u can judge as below...

cik jaja...i copy the requirement from ur site...ok...

Inside the box will be:-
1. 8mm round light rose AB Swarovski crystal tied with 14 carats gold filled wire
2. Cream color hanging heart
3. Pink color hanging heart
4. Orchid brooch
5. Orchid hair clip (choose your own word, maximum 5 letters)
6. 5 Ribbon flowers
7. 10 clippers (5 dolphins & 5 butterflies)
8. Handkerchief
9. My
mini wishing stars (Didn’t count it, but quite a lot)
10. 20
pink felt flowers
11. Ribbon keychain
12. 60 mixed color buttons
Flower brooch (last minute added)
Flower brooch (last minute added)
As usual, the rules are;-
1. Just leave your comment in this entry, you’ll be considered as join this contest.
2. Post about this giveaway on your blog, you’ll be entered 2 times.
3. If you add me into your link list, you’ll be entered 3 times.
4. Post my giveaway picture button on your sidebar, you’ll be entered 4 times.
as for my comment to cik jaja...
salam perkenalan…cik jaja..cik ainaa selama as silent reader jer..but today as for ur 50th post n the most to join the da club…da contest…da giveaway…the box soooo cute…really amaze..n also the little varieties pieces inside…butterfly in my stomach la…hiksss nk merasa la touch all the cutest things…ur touch so creative…keep it up…
so apa lagi kengkawan...jom la terjah cik jaja the winner will be announce on 4/3/2009...wishing the luck...hiks...

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